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Bearing Technology

Where to use deva.metal®

deva.metal® is a self-lubricating bearing material manufactured by advanced powder metallurgy. It is fully compacted, unlike oil-impregnated porous bronze materials that are weak by comparison.

deva.metal® is provided with an evenly distributed solid lubricant throughout its metallic matrix.

deva.metal®, which is suitable for dry running at slow sliding speeds and high loads:

  • has high resistance to temperature and corrosion.
  • will tolerate contamination and edge pressures.
  • can be easily machined if required.


Iron foundries and steel works, furnace construction, fans, foundry machinery, waste water cleaning plants, water, steam and gas turbines, pumps and compressors, food and beverage industry machinery, packing machinery, construction equipment, mechanical handling equipment and many more.




1. Bronze, iron or nickel matrix

2. Solid lubricant (Graphite, WS2 a.o.)