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Bearing Technology

Europe´s Largest Lock Gates Open with Federal-Mogul DEVA Bearings

When the Kaiserschleuse Lock in Bremerhaven, one of the world’s largest, officially reopened after renovation on 29th of April, its giant lift-and-slide gates moved on unique sliding bearings developed by Federal-Mogul DEVA GmbH.

More than 300m long, 55m wide and 13m deep, Kaiserschleuse is one of the largest projects of its kind in the world, and the first application of its kind for DEVA sliding plates.

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Hands Of The World´s Largest Tower Clock Turn On DEVA Bearings from F-M

Federal-Mogul Corporation has supplied high-performance self-lubricating bearings from its DEVA bearings division to ensure reliable operation of what will be the world’s largest tower clock. Expected to become operational in May 2011 at the Abrajj al-Brait hotel complex in Mecca, the bearings were designed in close cooperation with German tower clock manufacturer Perrot.

The exceptional demands created by the shafts carrying hour hands weighing 10 tonnes and minute hands weighing 8 tonnes, ruled out any conventional solutions, such as roller or bronze plain bearings.  

Only Federal-Mogul’s self-lubricating® was able to handle the combination of extreme load, low rotational speed, intermittent motion and harsh operating environment.

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Federal-Mogul DEVA Support One Of The World’s Longest Suspension Bridges - Hardanger Fjord Bridge

Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed maintenance-free bearings for one of the world’s longest suspension bridges. On completion in 2013, the Hardanger Fjord Bridge in south west Norway will be one of the largest in the world, spanning 1,310 metres between pylons.

A total of 128 spherical plain bearings using Federal-Mogul’s DEVA self-lubricating material technology will accommodate the small but essential movements that occur under load between the carriageway and its supporting cables.

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